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The best Gourmet Coffee Vending Services in Vancouver or the lower mainland

  People in Vancouver and the lower mainland are on the go. A big part of what keeps them motivated throughout the day is quality coffee that is ready the minute they want it. Gourmet coffee vending services offer convenience for employees and customers that are much more cost-effective and much less time consuming than… View more

Reduce Office Waste With No-Fuss Machines

It has become well-documented that our coffee obsession is having significant impacts on the amount of waste going to our landfills.  The reason, obviously, is that we seek convenient single servings of our favourite beverages on our way to work or during our “coffee break”.  We want our coffee to be fresh and hot and… View more

Solving Your Office Coffee Problem

The only thing worse than a caffeine withdrawal headache is figuring out how to prevent all of your employees from experiencing them, and costing you office productivity in the meantime. Traditional and modern solutions are proving insufficient, or create their own problems. Drip coffee can be unsanitary, burns quickly and extracts only some of the… View more

Improve Workplace Productivity By Offering Employees Quality Coffee

The Pacific Northwest and coffee have become synonymous over the past few decades as our climate makes drinking warm beverages delightful almost year-round.  Coffee has become a gigantic industry and large franchises have erupted to service the growing need. But with increased consumption, a more discerning drinker has evolved from what used to be considered… View more

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Perfectly infused barista is the leading supplier of office coffee systems in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are a provider of friendly, reliable gourmet espresso based coffee services to the business community. Get a free trial for your business including up to $500.00 in free gourmet espresso and coffee products!