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Office Coffee Vancouver

Perfectly Infused Barista is the leading supplier of office coffee systems in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are a provider of friendly, reliable gourmet espresso based coffee services to the business community.

Office Espresso/Coffee Systems in Vancouver
Why Choose Our Service?

Office Coffee Vancouver


With our service, you can provide up to fourteen unique selections of espresso-style coffee including espresso, cafe latte, cafe americano (black coffee), mochaccino, hot chocolate, flavoured capuccinos, french vanilla, decaf, hot water, tea and many more.

Office Coffee Shop Vancouver


By getting our specialty coffee on site your employees and customers will be thrilled by the satisfaction of incredibly fresh coffee at their fingertips. With convenience also comes higher productivity, service and morale in your workplace.

Office Coffee Vancouver

Fresh from The Bean

These highly computerized barista systems derive the gourmet drinks by grinding the fresh beans at the moment you want your cup of perfection. We can source our beans from local coffee roasters, ensuring freshness and the distinguished taste that it provides.