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Improve Workplace Productivity By Offering Employees Quality Coffee

Improve Workplace Productivity By Offering Employees Quality Coffee

Improve Workplace Productivity By Offering Employees Quality Coffee

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The Pacific Northwest and coffee have become synonymous over the past few decades as our climate makes drinking warm beverages delightful almost year-round.  Coffee has become a gigantic industry and large franchises have erupted to service the growing need.

But with increased consumption, a more discerning drinker has evolved from what used to be considered an almost universal beverage.  Like wine or beer aficionados, coffee drinkers will no longer settle for the generic either.  And some will even go to the extent of leaving the office for up to 30mins so they can get something that they find more palpable.

And what is that, typically?  Usually, discerning coffee drinkers will demand espresso-based beverages.  Espresso is a type of roast, typically darker than most beans, and brewed under pressure.  This process extracts oils from the beans that traditional brewing methods don’t usually accomplish and gives a more flavourful taste.  Contrast this with the medium roasted beans that are pre-ground and packaged for up to 18 months before being soaked in hot water for an indeterminate amount of time and then effectively cooked to keep a constant temperature for up to a few hours.  This is the traditional drip coffee.

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If you are looking for a reason why most older coffee drinkers drown their coffee in milk and sugar, this is it.  It is utterly undrinkable in any other way.  So it is not necessarily pretentiousness that is driving people toward specialty coffees, but just good common sense.  Or the senses of smell, sight and taste.

Improve Workplace Productivity

But while they are driven toward these specialty coffees, they are also driven away from your workplace.  This means loss in productivity.  30 minutes of your employees time not being used for work-related activity could cost you a lot of money if added up over the course of an entire year.  Let’s do the math: a typical 9-5er will work 1,824 hours per year.  At an average salary of $65,000 they are making $35/hr.  We would hope they are producing more than that amount for your business.  Even using conservative numbers, every time they leave the office to get their cup of coffee, they are costing you at least $15; not to mention the $5 they are spending themselves.

If even a fraction of these departures from your office can be deterred, the cost of adding a Perfectly Infused Barista machine to your office will be easily offset with increased productivity, improved employee loyalty and a boosted office morale.

It’s a no-brainer.


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