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Our 3 Gourmet selections are

Series 125 Coffee Machine

Series 125 Coffee Machine is a table top, perfect for small and multiple unit accounts.

Series 325 Coffee Machine

Series 325 Coffee Machine is a table top or cabinet, plumbed or internal refillable tank, perfect for small…

Series 525 Coffee Machine

Series 525 Coffee Machine is a plumbed or internal refillable tank, internal cup drop and mug capabilities.

Office Coffee Solutions

Do you need something more exciting than drip coffee in the office?
Do your customers and clients sometimes experience long wait times before receiving their services?
Is your workplace far away from a coffee shop?
Does your workplace demand high energy and productivity from its employees?
Do your staff and clients appreciate premium specialty coffee?
Are you interested in treating your staff to something new and rewarding in the workplace?

Then Perfectly Infused Barista is perfect for you.

Perfectly Infused Barista supplies Italian made gourmet coffee/espresso dispensing systems that use fresh premium whole coffee beans. Perfectly Infused Barista will help you choose the right system for your workplace environment with no contracts, no delivery charge and no installation charge, your staff and clients can enjoy specialty coffees with convenience.

Our service is mess and hassle free. We offer up to fourteen different styles of espresso coffee including cappuccinos, mochaccinos, french vanilla, lattes, americanos and decaf with just a press of a button.

Our service is friendly, reliable and local. With three different size of machines, we have a perfect fit for your space.

Treat your staff and clients to an premium quality option for coffee-drinking today.

All you have to do is say yes and we do the rest.