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Solving Your Office Coffee Problem

Solving Your Office Coffee Problem

Solving Your Office Coffee Problem

The only thing worse than a caffeine withdrawal headache is figuring out how to prevent all of your employees from experiencing them, and costing you office productivity in the meantime.

Traditional and modern solutions are proving insufficient, or create their own problems. Drip coffee can be unsanitary, burns quickly and extracts only some of the coffee bean’s solids. Coffee pods can be expensive, they create a lot of unnecessary garbage and they have a propensity to “walk away” with your employees (to be used in their own machines at home). Additionally, many people report stomach cramping, nausea, diarrhea and other ill feelings after using pods (their manufacturers deny this, of course).

Not only do your employees drink the coffee in your office, but many offices offer coffee to their customers during meetings or while they wait. Nobody is going to impress a customer with an hour old cup of coffee, or something that tastes like chemicals. Here’s a comparison of ingredients:

Perfectly Infused Barista Cappuccino: Freeze Dried Milk, Water, Coffee.
Grove Square K-Pod Cappuccino: Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, corn syrup solids, instant coffee, sodium caseinate, salt, cocoa, natural & artificial flavors, dipotassium phosphate, cornstarch, mono- & diglycerides, solicon dioxide, soy lecithin, artificial color, sucralose

In addition to these issues, an office manager also needs to ensure that their office kitchen is stocked with coffee and/or pods on a weekly basis, machines need to be cleaned, and they need to try and walk a line between the various preferences of each employee. Should an office manager really be spending their time on this? If that time could be spent acquiring even one new client in a year, would the costs of offloading the coffee problem not be entirely paid for? Enter: Perfectly Infused Barista.

Your Office Coffee Solution

Our machines and regular servicing are an immediate office coffee solution. By providing fresh beans, roasted locally within weeks of being stocked in your machine and other fresh ingredients, you will be providing the healthiest and highest quality coffee for your employees. Machines are restocked on regular intervals determined by the machine’s usage profile and we can configure it to provide up to 14 beverage options that will satisfy nearly all of your employees’ and customers’ preferences.

Contact us today for a quotation on the monthly cost of a machine for your office!

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